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How a metal roof can save you money.

It’s important to consider all options when making a decision to replace a damaged roof. Asphalt is the most popular choice in Red Deer and Central Alberta, it’s a solid option if you are looking to pay the least upfront. When we compare the longivity of Ashpalt to Metal, Metal is the clear winner. An asphalt roof will last approximately 10-15 years before it will need to be replaced again where as a metal or rubber (Euroshield) roof is considered a lifetime roof lasting upwards of 50 years. There is little to no reason to replace a metal or rubber roof as they withstand just about everything mother nature can throw at it with very low maintenance required.  Metal and Euroshield roofs are an obvious choice to long-term homeowners, as the cost of replacing an ashpalt roof more than once in almost all cases exceeds the price of a premium lifetime roof. The investment also comes with the added benefit of increased property value. A premium metal roof can improve the home’s resale value by 1 – 6 percent when compared to an asphalt shingled home. On average you’ll recoup 85.9 percent of your costs on a metal roof!  Metal and Rubber roofing have a strong case to make against Asphlalt especially for those long term homeowners who wish to add value with premium upgrades!


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