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5 tips when choosing a new roof.

5 Tips when choosing a new roof: 1.Consider your lifestyle & location Where you live and how long you plan to live in your current home are two important factors to consider when choosing a new roof. What kind of climate does your roof need to withstand? Here in Red Deer Alberta, we require materials […]

How a metal roof can save you money.

It’s important to consider all options when making a decision to replace a damaged roof. Asphalt is the most popular choice in Red Deer and Central Alberta, it’s a solid option if you are looking to pay the least upfront. When we compare the longivity of Ashpalt to Metal, Metal is the clear winner. An […]

6 ways to prepare your roof for a stormy summer

6 Ways to Prepare your Roof for a Stormy Summer. 1. Inspect Your Roof – Thoroughly inspect your roof at least twice a year, preferably before the summer rainy season as well as before the first snow fall in winter, it’s also important to check your roof after severe storms. If you aren’t comfortable getting […]

Spring Roof Maintenance

In Red Deer, the snow is melting, the sun is shining and SPRING is in the air. For many homeowners that means spring cleaning is right around the corner. When thinking of spring cleaning, it’s easy to overlook the roof, many homeowners cannot wait to throw open the windows and clean the house but forget […]