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5 tips when choosing a new roof.

5 Tips when choosing a new roof:

1.Consider your lifestyle & location

Where you live and how long you plan to live in your current home are two important factors to consider when choosing a new roof. What kind of climate does your roof need to withstand? Here in Red Deer Alberta, we require materials to stand up to wind, rain, hail and snow!

Many people will replace the roof before moving to increase the saleability of their home, others who plan to stay long term may consider investing in a material that has a longer lifespan than a typical asphalt roof.

3. Do your research

Research is the most important part when choosing a new roof. Without learning about your options and understanding what will exactly suit your needs, you may end up spending more money than you would have and end up with a roof that lets you down. The main roofing materials are asphalt, metal, rubber, slate, and wood, each one has it’s own pros and cons, unique in costs, durability and lifespan.

3. Decide how you’d like your shingles installed

If your current shingles are in bad shape but the underlay looks good, you might be able to add a new layer. Remember that adding a second layer of shingles can increase the weight of your roof and might not comply with current codes.

Usually you can add up to two layers of shingles on a roof without any issues. This option is a lot less expensive than taking all of the old shingles off first. However, when your current shingles are curling or uneven, it’s best to remove them and start all over. If it’s just a matter of simple wear and tear, a new layer might be fine.

Consider the climate where you live when you decide whether or not layering the shingles is a wise solution. In areas with high wind or cold climates, it’s best to just peel the old layer off and start all over. Add an ice and water shield to give your new roof and your home even more protection.

4. Have a close look at warranties

The warranty on materials is not the same as the warranty on service. It’s important to know about each one before making a decision. Most shingle warranties are written by the shingle manufacture, they typically last 50 years but the service warranty depends on the policy of your roofing contractor.

5. Schedule an appointment with a professional

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