Standing Seam Metal

We roll form most of our own metal in house which allows us to ensure every piece meets our high quality control standards while offering a higher level of efficiency to our customers.



Snap Lock Panels have no exposed screws which create a unique look for any roofing or siding project. The snap lock application is a high-performance roofing system with excellent wind uplift resistance and water infiltration.
We offer snaplock panels in 24ga or 26ga.
12-20″ widths.

Mechanically Seamed

Mechanically seamed metal roof panels offer the all of the same capabilities as the snap-lock roof panels, but are better used on shallow or sloped roofs and are also better suited for use on fascias, soffits, and walls. These panels are 12-20″ wide and available in 22, 24 or 26gauge.


This popular and versatile metal roofing panel features classic looks and is installed in a wide range of applications including roofing for residential, commercial, and post-frame buildings. We offer it in 26ga & 29ga.
44″ actual width, 42.5″ coverage.


These roofing sheets are stylish and strong for all your residential, commercial and agricultural roofing and cladding projects.
Available in 26 or 29 gauge.

Ultra Panel / Ultra Panel Perforated

Our new Ultra panel is a 6″ wide panel cut in 24 or 26 gauge steel. This profile is often used as an exterior accent or soffit printed in premium woodgrain. A great choice to add elegance and contrast to any exterior.

Flushwall / Soffit

12″ width. Flush panels are designed for wall, fascia and soffit applications where a flush or flat appearance is desired. A rounded interlock leg and concealed fastening system improves the flush appearance while providing additional strength. Available in 24 or 26 gauge.


  • You can expect your metal roof to last 50 years and beyond.
  • A metal roof is extremely weather resistant. When it comes to hail, wind, heavy downpours and even fire, metal roofing can handle just about anything mother nature throws at it.
  • A metal roof is a premium roof system which adds equity to your home or business, with superior longevity and low maintenance requirements, you’ll save money over time.
  • 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into landfills each year. Metal is made from atleast 56% recycled content and won’t ever end up in the landfill- it’s 100% recyclable!

Metal Roofing FAQ

Is a metal roof noisy?

When installed on a 2X2 battens or a solid wood deck the panels have no gap for sounds to reverberate and enough support to deaden any noise created from the panels. You can expect your roof to produce the same noise as any other roofing product.

Will a metal roof rust?

No. All Alberta Direct Metal roofing panels are made from metal that has been treated prior to the roll forming process. This prevents the metal from oxidizing and rusting.

Do I have to have my old shingles removed?

Although the answer is technically no, you don’t have to remove the old roof, RemStar NEVER recommends installing a new metal roof directly over an old roof. This is because by installing the new roof over the old one, you can easily miss any damages, water spots, mold, or rot that may be underneath the old singles or materials, which can cause future damage. It can also result in having to remove the new metal roof down the road to fix the underlying problems from the old shingles or underlayment, causing extra and easily avoidable work.

Is a metal roof difficult to maintain?

Steel roofing typically requires little or no maintenance, only the clearing of seasonal debris or snow and ice, as you would with any other roofing system.

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