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Metal Roofing Made Easy

Alberta Direct Metal manufactures continuous, seamless metal roofing panels on-site.

Alberta Direct Metal is paving the road for the metal roofing industry in Alberta. Metal roofing is rapidly gaining popularity for residential, industrial and agricultural applications and our goal is to simplify and expedite the process. Our specialty equipment allows us to manufacture materials on-site saving shipping costs and project delays due to damaged panels or measuring errors.


You can expect your metal roof to last 50 years and beyond.

A metal roof is extremely weather resistant. When it comes to hail, wind, heavy downpours and even fire, metal roofing can handle just about anything mother nature throws at it.
A metal roof is a premium roof system which adds equity to your home or business. Its true the initial cost of a metal roof is more than an asphalt roof but with metal's superior longevity and low maintenance requirements, you will save money over time.
20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into landfills each year. Metal is made from atleast 56% recycled content and won't ever end up in the landfil- it's 100% recyclable!
Why Standing Seam/Snaplock Metal?

High Seams: One great advantage of standing seam metal roofs is contained in the name itself: seams. The weak point in any roof and a potential entry point for moisture, are raised above the level of the roofing panel.

NO Exposed Fasteners!: Why Do People buy brand new metal roofing and Punch it full of holes Fastening it Down? Well now you don't have to rely on a washer to keep your roof system from leaking!Our specialty panels use a concealed fastener system that does not require puncturing your new roof to install it.

Fewer Seams: Because the metal panels run unhindered from the top to the bottom of the roof, not only are there no horizontal seams but in total the roof has a far fewer number of seams.

Tough: Our Panels are available in .26 ga, .24 ga or .24 Kynar PVDF

Light Weight: Unlike slate or metal tile roofs which can be extremely heavy, standing seam metal is lightweight, eliminating the need for added truss supports.

Sleek Looks: Due to the smooth, straight lines, these roofs give your project an "industrial" feeling, yet with a modern flair. These are not the rippled tin roofs that you might remember from warehouses of the past.

Metal Panel Profiles

  • Mechanically Seamed
  • Flushwall 12
  • Soffit 12
  • Snaplock 12

Color Selection

coffee brown
melchers green
white white
charcoal grey
brite red
regent grey
metro brown
slate blue
antique linen
bone white
brite white
cambridge white
makin cashmere
surf white
stone grey
sapphire blue
briarwood tan
makin wicker
pacific turqoise
forest green
tile red
dark brown
weathered copper
hartford green
royal blue
heron blue
labrador blue
dark red


Other Accessories


Premium air, water and vapor barrier for metal roofing projects

Ice & Water Shield

Film surfaced leak barrier, against melting ice or snow.


Coordinating fasteners for any metal roofing application.

Snow Stops

Allow snow to melt completely or drop off in smaller amounts.