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We gave away a free roof!

Well, our first ever "No Roof Left Behind" projects right here in Red Deer! 

For those of you that haven’t heard- NRLB is an international non-profit that partners with roofing contractors to deliver a roof free of charge to a family or individual in need. It originally was only in the United States, but we are amongst some of the first roofing companies to bring it to Canada. 

The program runs in specific time periods. First, we collect nominations from the community. Anyone is eligible to nominate, and you can even nominate yourself. This year Remstar Roofing got more than 30 nominations! That is 30 families within the Central Alberta area in need. Secondly, a committee of volunteer’s picks the top 4 nomination submitted and opens the program to community voting. For us, this was very difficult to do. All of the nominations were worthy, but we ended up being able to narrow down our finalists to four choices. 

We were very excited to begin the process of community voting! The way it works with No Roof Left Behind is anyone with an email can submit a vote, however you can only submit once per email. It was inspiring to see. The community came together to garner as many votes as possible for their nominee of choice! The effects of this giveaway had people across the globe submitting votes in support of their nominee- connected by a mutual friend, shared illness, or other commonality. 

After all was said and done we had somewhere around 1,700 votes submitted which was absolutely amazing to see. Now, all that was left to do was to provide that family in need with their brand new roofing system free of charge. What a wonderful promotion. Thank you to everyone who participated in making this community a better place. 

Here is the original nomination for the recipient of Remstar Roofing/No Roof Left Behind’s free roof 2015/2015: Mom & Dad- My parents are the type of people who would do anything for anybody (countless times giving groceries to people who need them)! My mom was diagnosed with MS (as well as a few other conditions later down the road) leaving my dad to be the sole provider! He works hard every day despite having his own health conditions (between the two of them the list would take forever lol). Their roof currently leaks inside when it rains and is bowing badly. While trying to "fix" it last year my dad fell through the attic roof and into the living room. They are always helping others and being the best parents/grandparents ever so I would love to help them finally get something for themselves so that is why I am nominating them :) Currently leaks when it rains heavily into each room of the house. Some parts have been "fixed" with sheet metal and is bowing very badly.